Photography by: Splash News Online

With Weight Watchers requires her to start dieting again once Baby Boy’s born, but right now Big Momma’s chowin’ down on anything that ain’t nailed down!

In the see-and-be-seen Chateau Marmont garden, celebrating a male pal’s birthday with baby-daddy ERIC JOHNSON and 10 pals, Jess devoured her meal of chicken and mashed potatoes – then went whole hawg on dessert!

Chortled My Marmont Spy: “After eating her own dessert, Jessica dug her fork into every pal’s sweets – and that included flourless chocolate cake, creme brulee, assorted plate of cookies, sticky toffee pudding, and on and on.

"Then as everyone got up to leave, she spotted a small piece of dessert left on best girlfriend CACEE COBB’s plate – and scooped it up with a spoon just as the waiter was reaching to take it away.”

(Yummy, Mummy!)