Photography by: Splash News Online

Stars keep challenging Chateau Marmont’s super-strict, puff-phobic, smoke’s-no-joke policy – but “The Bourne Legacy” star JEREMY RENNER actually beat the ban!

“He walked into the garden restaurant at lunchtime, sat down – and proceeded to puff away,” said My Marmont Spy.

“A manager rushed over, but diners were surprised when, after an exchange of words, Jeremy kept on puffing.

"A patron asked a manager why – and was told the star could smoke because he wasn’t really smoking, technically, even though he was exhaling what looked like smoke.

"The manager explained that Jeremy had squeaked by the ban because he was ‘smoking’ a so-called ‘electronic’ cigarette.”

When the star suddenly realized all eyes were on him, he tucked away his, er…high-tech faux-smoke generator, and tucked into lunch.