Jennifer Aniston In The Closet — Bigtime!

Jennifer Aniston In The Closet — Bigtime! thumbnail

After spending multimillion$$ renovating her Bel-Air mansion, JENNIFER ANISTON decided that a whopping 1,500 square feet of closet space to house clothes, shoes, and accessories, etc., ain’t nearly enough for a poor working girl like her, so she hired a contractor to break through the wall of her current closet into one of her two double garages – expanding it to a staggering 2,250 square feet, at a cost of $150,000!

In other words, Jen’s clothes closet is now bigger and more expensive than most people’s homes!

Here’s my kicker: Fiance JUSTIN THEROUX is NOT allowed to keep his clothes in the master suite. Stud uses one of the other bedrooms as his boudoir/ closet.