What the HELL.LO’S UP With J.LO?

What the HELL.LO’S UP With J.LO? thumbnail

Google “JENNIFER LOPEZ, diva” and you’ll call up a slew of press reports peppered with snarky snipe-shots describing Ms. Booty-licious – ranked #3 on Star Mag’s “Most-Hated Celebs” list – as “nasty bitch” … “diva-plated a**hole” – and worse! But a suddenly mell.lo J.Lo surprised everyone when she showed up at Versace in BevHills to be interviewed for MTV’s “House of Style” by blonde hip-hop honey IGGY “Fancy” AZALEA, who was guest-hosting. “Everyone was just blown away because tough cookie ‘Jenny From The Block’ was suddenly acting nice as pie,” said My SpyWitness. “She was not only totally professional and cooperative with MTV staff and Iggy – she was even super-gracious with all the star-struck tourists milling around, signing autographs and chatting with her fans. Meanwhile, newbie rapper ‘Ms. Azalea’ – as she insisted on being addressed – played totally-snooty-diva … like, wearing her damn sunglasses all the time, even though producers kept asking her to take them off – plus refusing to give fans the time of day, preferring to rudely walk away from them!” So … what’s suddenly sweetened J.Lo? Enquiring Minds want to know, and I’ll find out – but insiders tell me she’s suddenly acting all sweet and sentimental since fishing studly young loverboy CASPER SMART back out of the gutter she tossed him in three months ago! Stay tuned.