After JENNIFER ANISTON admitted on “The ELLEN DEGENERES Show” that her adored new pit bull mix pup Sophie kept chewing on shoes, purses, clothes and everything else, she hired a trainer who finally curbed the pooch’s oddball appetite, but here’s the latest:

Wanting to make sure Sophie will be “kid friendly” when she and fiance JUSTIN THEROUX start birthing their own pups, Jen’s persuaded close pals with young children to dog-sit Sophie at their homes.

Celeb-buddies who’ve volunteered to take Jen’s pet into their homes for a week at a time include: REESE WITHERSPOON, ADAM SANDLER, JASON BATEMAN and COURTENEY COX, whose daughter Coco is Jen’s goddaughter.

And so far, Sophie’s getting good reports.

BTW, here’s how Jen and Justin named their pooch: After spending three hours at the shelter trying to choose between three puppies, Jen burst out crying – so they named it Sophie, because it was like “Sophie’s Choice.”