Jealous Jason Sudeikis fights for JEN-size perks!

Jealous Jason Sudeikis fights for JEN-size perks! thumbnail

 PSSST! Hey, folks, keep this bit of gossip quiet, okay? Especially from JENNIFER ANISTON, because “SNL” star JASON SUDEIKIS doesn’t want Jen to know he’s moved heaven and earth to get perks equal to hers when he films their “Horrible Bosses” sequel!

Explained my source: “On the first flick, Jen had a much bigger dressing trailer, bigger hotel suites, a personal chef, and a trainer on the set. This time, Jason wanted star treatment too, so he ordered his reps to demand a so-called ‘favored nations clause’ – and the producers agreed to it, which means that whatever perks Jen gets, Jason gets exactly the same. Because they’re such good friends, however, he’s keeping it all hush-hush because he doesn’t want Jen to know that he was jealous. But now that filming’s started on “Horrible Bosses 2,” Jason’s happy as a clam in his beautiful oversize trailer with his personal chef, workout person, etc.

(Hey, Jason, me and my gossip fans won’t breathe a word, pal.)