JAY Z takes charge of BEYONCE potty privacy!

JAY Z takes charge of BEYONCE potty privacy! thumbnail

 NO ONE disturbs My Lady during Tinkle Time!

That’s howJAY Z rolls, so when superstar wife BEYONCE excused herself for a ladies room run at West Hollywood’s in-crowd eatery Crossroads, the mega-mogul rapper escorted her, then planted himself outside the door and stood guard – refusing to allow other customers to enter.

“When one female diner tried, he politely put up his arms and asked her to wait until his wife was finished,” said My SpyWitness.

When he returned to the table, Jay Z explained to pals that he knows he’s being overprotective, but doesn’t want Beyonce subjected to some overzealous fan if caught in a compromising situation.

“We don’t need those problems,” decreed Potty Patrolman.