IT’Z LIZA WITH “Z,” IDIOTZ! thumbnail

Guest star LIZA MINNELLI tossed a terrifying temper tantrum on the set of “Arrested Development” – taking one look at the sign on her dressing room door and screaming: “It’s Liza with a ‘Z,’ dammit, not with a +#$*%&^‘S!’…And it’s MINN-elli, not MENN-elli!”

Her young assistant went ghost-white as Liza-With-a-Z yanked open the door, looked inside and immediately shrieked in his kisser: “Look at this – NONE of my ‘must-haves’ are here!”

Reacting to the loud explosion, producers came running as Liza bellowed: “I’m supposed to have fresh flowers, a TV set, candy, Perrier water…!”

Even as she ranted, execs sent flunkies running – and Liza had all her must-haves by the time she got back from makeup.

And her screwed-up name on the dressing room?

That got fixed even before Liza-With-a-Z finished her rant!

(Somewhere, JUDY GARLAND smiles!)