In Toronto’s landmark Gay Village, the front door of Woody’s club suddenly banged open – and framed in the entrance was an iconic, world-recognized figure. Gasped voices in the crowd: “It’s NICKI MINAJ!”

Then up stepped a flamboyant drag queen, who faced “Nicki” with a sneer and barked: “Honey, you got it ALL WRONG! If you want to try and look like Nicki, boy, first thing you need to do is get rid of that cheap weave and those glad rags. Plus, your makeup is all wrong, and you need to work on the way you carry yourself if you want to try and be Nicki!”

Looking cowed, the object of scorn said meekly: “Could you give me more tips, please?”

The drag queen got totally into it, accepted a drink and sat – dispensing “tips” for nearly 20 minutes until “Nicki” thanked him for his help, went to join a group of friends in the back bar…and that’s when club staffers broke their shocker to the pompous drag queen, who turned beet-red and ran off as they chortled: “Hey, dummy – you’ve been giving your stupid Nicki Minaj tips to the REAL Nicki Minaj!”