‘Insanity 2’ Stars‘Mad Mel’ Gibson & Sidekick “Super Jerk” Shia LaBeouf

‘Insanity 2’ Stars‘Mad Mel’ Gibson & Sidekick “Super Jerk” Shia LaBeouf thumbnail


Capping an endless string of arrests and crazed escapades – like wearing a paper bag with the words “I AM NOT FAMOUS” over his head on the red carpet – SHIA LABEOUF just got dragged off in handcuffs amid speculation he was drunk and/or drugged after he launched into lunatic outbursts during the Broadway show “Cabaret” and is headed for court, but here’s the sur-really weird news, folks:

The troubled young actor was playing baseball with pals at an LA park when a good friend of MEL GIBSON approached and told him that after going through “his own issues with sobriety,” the Abrasive Aussie wanted Shia to know he was “there to help him anytime.”

Said an insider: “Shia seemed totally stunned, and reminded the guy that Mel’s been quoted making anti-Semitic remarks – and Shia is part Jewish!”

YIKES! The intermediary immediately started protesting that Mel had been misquoted…blah, blah, blah…and would honestly like to help Shia in his hour of need…blah, blah, blah! LaBeouf, adamantly underscoring his refusal of help from the star who’d notoriously stormed at a Jewish cop busting him for DUI that Jews caused “all the wars in the world,” told the guy: “F*** off!”