How’s About A Swift KICK Instead!?

How’s About A Swift KICK Instead!? thumbnail

Sad to report that sweet little upstart Taylor Swift’s official entry into big-time Hollywood movie-making ended on a sour note – as it inevitably does when you rattle the cages of mega-star Oscar winners like Meryl Streep and Jeff Bridges! 

Reports a music biz insider: “Taylor was so impressed to be playing a small part in the very serious upcoming film ‘The Giver’ that she got inspired to create a ‘theme album’ based on what she’d learned from the two acting greats. So she dashed off a few ditties for a future concept album – then asked Meryl and Jeff to sing along with her on it! Neither star was even remotely interested in warbling Taylor’s pop pap – and both tried to tell her in the very nicest way that they just didn’t think it was the best idea.”

Now Taylor’s seething – but be warned, Meryl and Jeff: Swifty might write some savage verses about you – just like she did with John Mayer and Harry Styles! OW!