Photography by: Splash News Online


Hey, guys, imagine for a moment you’ve got a shot at getting into JENNIFER ANISTON’s jeans!

So what would you be wearing to impress this hubba-hubba hottie – Levi’s?!

Not to knock America’s iconic jeans, but here’s hard Hollywood reality, boys: JUSTIN THEROUX, who’s got way more than a shot because he’s Jen’s fiance, plunks down a whopping $1,100 per pair for trendy rocker/biker jeans by high-end designer Balmain – and he’s got a closet full of them!

“Justin loves clothes,” says a stylist pal, “and he knows that when you’re standing next to Jen Aniston, you have to look really cool. So he buys Balmain, which ain’t cheap! Sure it’s an astounding price to pay for jeans, but hey – he’s marrying Jennifer Aniston!”