HOOPS FORWARD HUMPHRIES fouled by ‘forward’ femme in men’s room!

Photography by: Getty Images Sport


KIM KARDASHIAN’s short-term hubby/hoopster KRIS HUMPHRIES made a fast break into the men’s room at a West Hollywood eatery, and immediately cried “Foul!” as a hot young babe who’d followed him in suddenly made fan-tastic moves on the jock – sexily rubbing her hands up, down and all around his 6-foot-9 body!!

Stunned, Kris peeled the overheated hottie’s hands off his famous frame and powered out of his predicament by making another fast break back to his table – where he gasped to his two dining companions: “Can you believe it? This girl followed me right inside the john!?”

Recounting the bizarre out-of-bounds assault, says My SpyWitness, Kris then confessed: “I was so stunned, I forgot to pee!”

Jockeying to head off a Jockeys crisis, Kris returned to the scene of the crime – expertly dribbling away while a 7-foot pal played guard at the door!