High-tech potty goes overflow-y: Soaked ZOOEY howls ‘WHOA-ee!’

High-tech potty goes overflow-y: Soaked ZOOEY howls ‘WHOA-ee!’ thumbnail

HAPPY B’DAY…er, bidet…GIRL! Cute ’n’ quirky ZOOEY DESCHANEL was all smiles as she sashayed into a swanky LA eatery with producers of her new “New Girl” TV show, but the grins were gone when she came sloshing back to the table after visiting the ladies’ room – with her darling designer dress drenched in…toilet water!

No, ladies, not scented eau de toilette – water from a damn toilet!!

“Red-faced and embarrassed beyond belief, Zooey sat down and dripped all over her seat, dabbing her dress with a napkin as she gave producers a watered-down version of her water closet adventure,” chortled My SpyWitness.

“She stammered that she’d somehow pushed the wrong button on the joint’s newly installed state-of-the-art bidet/toilet – and it suddenly started spraying powerful jets of water all over her nether regions.

Zooey told us, ‘I just didn’t know what to do…I couldn’t shut the darn thing off fast enough, and I wound up soaked in bidet water!’”

Hoping to keep her ludicrous loo mishap on the down-low, Zooey freaked when she picked up the script for the next episode a few days later and – as her producers cracked up – shrieked upon discovering they’d written a hilarious scene with her character getting super-soaked by a high-tech bidet gone berserk!