PAMELA ANDERSON – buxom, beauteous, but hardly the brightest bulb in TinselTown – abruptly abandoned her lunch spot at the BevHills Hotel Polo Lounge, approached the table of a nice-looking, 60-ish gentleman she’d been eyeing for moments and said: “Hi, I’m Pam – you look so familiar, but I just can’t remember where we’ve met.”

As the man smiled back, she burbled: “Did you ever guest star on ‘Baywatch?’” Cracking up, the man chortled loudly: “No WAY!”

Prettily puzzled, Pam pressed on, asking: “Then how on earth do I know you?”

Chuckling, the man responded: “Well…I’m AL GORE. I used to be Vice President.” Without missing a beat, Pam said: “Oh, I see…so, ahhh…Vice President of what?” When Gore replied “the United States,” Pam abruptly turned beet red!

Stammering apologies, she shook the ex-Veep’s hand, scurried back to her table – and never faced his way again!