Hellacious Heigl Nixes Kissing Scene After Actor’s “Ah-Chooo!”

When dreaded diva KATHERINE HEIGL heard a male actor she was about to do a kissing scene with suddenly sneeze on the set of her upcoming NBC movie, “State of Affairs,” she screamed at the director: “I’m not kissing him, he has a cold! You’ll have to get someone else because I refuse to kiss anyone who’s sick. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve gotten sick because someone else was so inconsiderate!”

But hellacious Heigl calmed down considerably when the actor walked over and explained he did NOT have a cold…just allergies.

After explaining he was germ-free and safe for kissing, Katherine did the scene, letting him lay one on her – but was still NOT very happy about it.

Stay tuned. (Aaaahh-CHOO!)