“It’s on me!”…“No, it’s on ME!”… “No, I insist, it’s…!”

Huge chuckles from the lunch crowd in the Chateau Marmont garden as feisty  KATHERINE HEIGL and “Iron Man” director/actor JON FAVREAU – who’d been huddling over a new project – suddenly staged a battle royal over the check that got downright violent!

Said My Marmont Spy: “When the waiter brought the bill, Jon tried to grab it – but high-handed Heigl ripped it right out of his paw and shouted, ‘It’s on me!’

"But Favreau wouldn’t hear of it.

"Snatching it back quickly, he recoiled in horror as Heigl, making a desperate dive for it, knocked over a glass full of water!”

Diners gasped and giggled at the table-drenching as waiters hustled in to sop up.

Finally realizing they were making a scene, Favreau relented – gallantly allowing Katherine to pick up the soaking wet check!