Heigl Gets All Booty-Snooty!

Heigl Gets All Booty-Snooty! thumbnail

Demonstrating again that she’s not a star to be trifled with, kranky Katherine Heigl – viewing dailies of her new “State of Affairs” TV series – suddenly screamed at producers: “Look at how you filmed my BUTT!!

"My #*%$@ ass looks like the size of NEBRASKA!”

Said my on-set spy: “Katherine’s notorious temper’s infuriating people – especially her Emmy Award-winning co-star Alfre Woodard, who got particularly upset when she demanded a reshoot of an entire scene because she felt they hadn’t done a good enough job of flattering her posterior!

And when Miss Woodard suggested bringing in a body double with a smaller behind to stand in for Katherine, the proverbial ‘fit really hit the shan.’

"Katherine exploded, shrieking, ‘I’ve got the best butt in Hollywood!’ ”