IS THAT YOU, Clarice? . . . Clarice? . . . I’M SCARED, CLARICE!? . . .

Brain-frying fright for Anthony Hopkins, who’s serving up nightmares as “Hannibal the Cannibal” — but got his own jolt of horror when he bought . . . (SHRE-E-EIK!) . . . a HAUNTED HOUSE! The Oscar winner, tired of the Hollywood hustle, bought a place in remote Ojai, Calif., a year ago and moved in after making some renovations. Almost immediately, Hopkins told pals, he started hearing weird noises . . . then eerie voices . . . and finally . . . (SHRE-E-E-EIK!) . . . he saw horrifying images in the MIRRORS! The British star kept a stiff upper lip at first, but couldn’t stomach being terrified 24/7! Just months later, he put his house of horrors back on the market. Incredibly, the folks who’d sold him the joint missed it terribly and bought it back — at a REDUCED price! Hmm? (Is that you, Clarice? . . . Great job, babe! . . . That’ll teach him! . . . a-HA-ha-ha-haaaAH!)

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