Mike Walker

Harry Styles Loves His Underwear To Death

Singer searched desperately for his favorite tighty-whities!

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Mike Walker reports … You’d never call heartthrob Harry Styles “stylish” if you eyeballed the totally tattered, hole-y, un-stylish tighty-whitey undies he’d worn day in, day out during his One Direction world tours, but Harry loved those shorts and was devastated when they suddenly disappeared!

Said My Stylish Styles Source: “Harry used to actually laundry-label his shorts so they wouldn’t get mixed up with his 1D bandmates’ briefs — and when they suddenly went AWOL, he searched everywhere desperately, wondering who might snatch a pair of underwear!

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The star’s search finally revealed that a no-nonsense housekeeper — spotting the raggedy, ancient briefs on the floor — mistook them for a ratty rag and tossed ’em in the trash!” (“Story of My Life,” right, Harry?)

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