DIVE . . . DIVE!

On location in Canada playing a Russian submarine commander in “K-19: The Widowmaker,” Harrison Ford didn’t duck fast enough when a rubbernecker on a snowmobile came barreling across the outdoor set to eyeball a huge sub mock-up the moviemakers had constructed. Ford, who was standing by it chatting with a pal, turned as he heard the snowmobile and . . . WHAACK! The machine knocked him flat! The fan skidded to a halt — and panicked when he saw he’d clipped a MAJOR movie star! “OHMIGOD!” he yelled. “I’m so SORRY!” The guy helped Ford up, apologizing profusely. “I’m okay,” Ford told him. “It was just an accident. Don’t worry about it!” The guy calmed down a bit, then said: “I guess an autograph would be out of the question?” Amused by the guy’s chutzpah, Ford signed and quipped: “That was one hell of a way of getting my attention!”