‘HANOI JANE’ faces TOILET ATTACK by relentless military veterans!

‘HANOI JANE’ faces TOILET ATTACK by relentless military veterans! thumbnail

When reader BILL MARTIN responded to my recent scoop about a huge guy confronting “Hanoi Jane” Fonda outside the BevHills Hotel and screaming “traitor,” he wrote: “I served in Vietnam… and in my opinion, JANE FONDA is a traitor.”

Bill added that when he visited a VFW (Veterans of Foreign Wars) club in Florida, he “chuckled” because “the strainer in the urinal in the men’s room was a picture of Hanoi Jane!”

Well, Fellow Vet, I chuckled, too, figuring you must be joking – until I investigated and discovered a mind-blowing fact: In men’s rooms all over this great land of ours, military veterans with long…er, don’t get ahead of me here, folks…with long memories, are aimed at drowning that disgusting memory of “Hanoi Jane” perched on a Viet Cong cannon aimed at killing U.S. GI’s!

NO JOKE, folks – pissed-off patriots can order these hilarious Fonda-drowners and target the face you love to hate at www.PeePeeFace.com. Or at: www.fubowear.com