Great  performers are usually big showoffs; like superstar TOM HANKS, who started goofing around on the set of “Saving Mr. Banks” – his new flick about the making of Disney’s “Mary Poppins” – dazzling cast mates EMMA THOMPSON, COLIN FARRELL and the entire company when he began channeling Mary’s on-screen antics, twirling and juggling several umbrellas!

Oscar winner Tom – who plays WALT DISNEY in the film – got gasps and even a round of applause as he expertly twirled his bumbershoots until….OOWWW!…a sudden slip of the hand jetted one umbrella tip straight into his left eye!

“Tom’s cry of pain terrified everyone – it sounded like he’d been badly hurt,” said an inside source.

“The set medic was by his side instantly, and although it was determined that there’d be no permanent damage to Tom’s vision, his eye was very irritated and red.” After an eye rinse, cold compresses were applied, but the star needed time to heal. He left the set and producers shot around him, but he was back the next day – bright-eyed and bushy-tailed!