Forgive and forget? FORGET IT!

It’s still a rip-roaring feud between gorgeous Halle Berry — who’s not ready to bury the hatchet — unless it’s in funnyman Howie Mandel’s head!! When Halle found out she and Howie were guesting on “The Tonight Show” the same night, she sent word that she would absolutely NOT share the couch with him. The “Monster’s Ball” actress is STILL steaming over a crack Howie made more than a year ago when he filled in for Regis Philbin on “Live With Regis & Kathie Lee.” When it came time to introduce guest Halle, he quipped that he’d bumped into her backstage and “she just left the scene” — a reference to her hit-and-run car accident several months earlier. Angry Halle lit into Howie on-camera for dissing her, and he apologized profusely. But time has not healed the wound from the comic’s barb and Howie hustled off the “Tonight Show” stage before Halle came out to join Jay Leno.