Photography by: Splash News Online

 A workout at the swanky Peninsula Beverly Hills hotel gym abruptly turned into a totally Les Miserables experience for muscular HUGH JACKMAN, who started huffing and puffing through a high-intensity workout – but was stunned when every sweaty female present quickly shuffled off to the changing rooms.

Pouted gob-smacked Hugh to a workout buddy: “Do I stink…or what?

"This is NOT the usual effect I have on women, mate!”

But Hugh grinned again when the ladies re-emerged – sporting fresh war paint, newly-combed hair… and oo-la-la perfumes.

Said My GymSpy: “Turns out the women had left because they wanted to get fluffed up and attractive for Hugh.

"He got the biggest smile on his face you’ve ever seen when the ladies eventually returned, all glammed up.

"He was not only very relieved, but very, very flattered.”