GWYNETH PALTROW got all goo-goo-eyed over a seagull that swooped down on the set of “Iron Man 3” daily to fearlessly forage for food – becoming everyone’s mascot after Gwynnie dubbed it “Robbie 3PO,” her affectionate nickname for co-star ROBERT DOWNEY JR. – so everyone freaked when Silly Seabird got its leg trapped in a tangle of cables… and panicked!

“The seagull kept flapping its wings, trying to free itself, but the more it flapped the worse it got – we literally thought it might kill itself,” said My Iron Spy.

“It kept striking out with its sharp beak at anyone who tried to help.

"But Gwyneth wouldn’t give up, and finally managed to free the frightened bird, which promptly flew off to the ocean.

"We figured we’d seen the last of it – but the next morning he came flying back, and went right to Gwyneth to beg for breakfast table scraps.”