Guy fired for yawns at COSTNER saved by – COSTNER!

Guy fired for yawns at COSTNER saved by – COSTNER! thumbnail

 In his new flick “McFarland,” KEVIN COSTNER plays a track coach in a small California town and was shooting a scene featuring him delivering a very emotional speech to his team, when suddenly… “YAAAWWN!”…his concentration was abruptly shattered by the sound of a male yawning loudly above him.

Said my ever-reliable source, Onda Settalot: “Kevin looked up and spotted a soundman, holding a boom and yawning nonstop.

Hitting the roof, Kevin barked, ‘If you’re bored and don’t want to be here, there are plenty of people who’d love to have your job!’ ”

When the scene ended, Costner went straight to producers and had the guy fired – but our star ended up with egg on his face.

A while later, said my source, a sound engineer explained to Kevin that the guy’d been yawning because he’d been up all night while his pregnant wife delivered their first child…YIKES!!… Feeling horrible, Kevin immediately found the guy, apologized profusely, offered his job back – then took the extra step of apologizing to the whole cast and crew.

“Kevin’s apology was accepted, and everyone went happily back to work!”