Granny Goldie Gets Growly!

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While daughter KATE HUDSON jetted to Madhattan on a promo tour for her new film, “Wish I Was Here,” her grateful mom GOLDIE HAWN got in some ga-ga-goo-goo Grandma Time babysitting Kate’s 10-year-old son Ryder, and took the lad shopping at a Malibu boutique.

“Goldie wanted to spoil Ryder a little, so she started picking out some sweaters and hoodies for him to try on,” said a friend. “But Ryder got a little bored playing fashion model for his grandmother, and said, ‘I just want to buy a hat!’”

A saleslady overheard the kid’s kranky komment and said to Goldie: “He must be quite a handful, especially trying to keep up with him at your age.” Eyes narrowing to angry slits, Goldie hissed: “Oh…? And what age is that?” Suddenly wide-eyed, the salesgal gasped: “My God – you’re Goldie Hawn! I didn’t even recognize you any longer!” Stunned by the slam, Goldie snapped: “Yeah, I’m getting old – what’s your excuse?”

Said the source: “Taking Ryder by the arm, she exited the store, with the boy still asking if he could get a hat. Goldie told him, ‘Sure – anywhere but in here!’”