Gotta-go MILEY twerks into toilet – BUT suddenly it’s ‘peek-a-boo’ time!

Gotta-go MILEY twerks into toilet – BUT suddenly it’s ‘peek-a-boo’ time! thumbnail

MILEY CYRUS twerked into one of those freaky/funky/hipster hole-in-the-wall record shops with some pals, browsed the stacks a bit, then asked for the key to the john – a converted closet with a door opening right into the store – and The Frightmare began!

After she entered to answer nature’s call, a female customer tried the door and…YIKES…there sat Pop Princess, enthroned on her throne.

Said My SpyWitness: “Miley, horrified, screamed ‘Ahhhhhh…Shut the effing door…Can’t I even take a pee without being bothered?!’ The girl, equally freaked, slammed the door shut instantly!” Moments later, Miley emerged and went face to face with the distraught door-opener and two of her pals – a girl and a GUY!

Said the source: “Miley asked, ‘Did any of you take a picture of me? Because if you did, I’m asking you to please delete it now. Please.’” Everyone swore they’d clicked no pics as the girl who’d exposed Miley’s moment apologized profusely. Chuckling, Miley said: “I guess that lock’s so effing old it doesn’t work anymore!”

Then she grabbed her pals and exited the little shop of horrors I call…Nightmare Records