SWOONY, HANDSOME…AND NICE? Ladies, here’s a tidbit to make your heart beat even faster for heartthrob RYAN GOSLING: Sipping coffee with a buddy at one of his Hollywood haunts, the star noticed a young woman at the next table reading a script.

They made eye contact, and her cheeks flushed as her brain screamed, “OMG…Ryan Gosling?!”

Smiling warmly, he said: “Are you preparing for a role?”

The lass explained she was boning up on dialogue for a TV pilot audition, and to her utter astonishment, Ryan asked: “Want me to run lines with you?”

He moved to her table and spent 20 minutes coaching and offering tips.

Then he wished her luck, shook her hand and said: “I’ll be watching for you on TV.”

(NOTE TO UNKNOWN YOUNG LADY: If you were that lucky lass coached by Ryan, e-mail and tell us how your audition went.)