Photography by: Splash News Online

 Ladies, we know RYAN GOSLING’s matinee idol looks make female hearts flutter, but here’s even more to adore: When a female fan approached the star at Chateau Marmont’s garden restaurant and shyly asked for an autograph, Ryan politely told her he’d comply when he finished his lunch.

Apologizing for interrupting, the dejected lass walked back to her table and told the galpal she was dining with: “He said he’d come over when he’s finished, but I know he won’t!”

However, an hour later, CARY GRANT’s clone suddenly appeared at her table and said: “Thank you for allowing me to finish my meal. Now that I’m done, I’m happy to sign an autograph, and… shall I take a picture with you?”

After signing his autograph, Gallant Gosling offered his arm and escorted the gob-smacked lady outside the hotel, which has a strict no-photo policy, and posed for a pic with her!SWOON!!