Generous DEGENERES does it again: flies homeless lady home to Bayou!

KNIT WIT DEPT.: Who’s more generous than ELLEN DEGENERES when she hears a hard-luck story?

Just last year, the top-rated talker was so touched by the plight of a homeless teen that she leaned on one of her TV sponsors to kick in $50,000 to fund a scholarship – but here’s the latest: Ms. Chatterbox befriended a homeless lady in Santa Monica after spotting her sitting on a box knitting, complimented her handiwork and promised: “I’ll send over one of my assistants to buy some of your stuff!”

The lady abruptly started sobbing and told Ellen: “People say that all the time!”

That made warmhearted Ellen “feel awful,” revealed a pal. “She had a lunch date, but quickly called her assistant over to buy up everything the woman had.”

Now whip out your hankies, folks, here’s my heart-tugging kicker: When the assistant told her boss that the street peddler hailed from Louisiana, just like Ellen, and wanted desperately to go home and visit her family, Generous DeGeneres responded quickerthanthis: “Well, God, you have my credit card – buy her a plane ticket home too!”