ELLEN DEGENERES, wife PORTIA DE ROSSI and bestie JENNIFER ANISTON were enjoying a great girls’ night out at Ellen’s fave new LA vegan eatery, Crossroads – until the check arrived!

Ellen took it, but Jen insisted: “I invited you, and I’m picking up the bill!”

Then the two actually started shouting when Ellen insisted that the waiter take her credit card. “Don’t you dare take that card,” snapped Jen.

The ping-ponging continued as the waiter stood in silence, waiting for the “ladies” to battle it out, until Portia finally grabbed the bill, handed it to Jennifer – then turned to Wifey and said calmly: “When someone offers to pay for dinner, a simple ‘thank you’ is all you need to say.”

Instantly, Ellen quieted down and said “thank you” to Jen, but insisted that next time, dinner’s on her – no questions, NO fighting!