Gallant TOM SELLECK demands respect for the ladies!

Gallant TOM SELLECK demands respect for the ladies! thumbnail

No wonder ladies love TOM SELLECK!

When the “Blue Bloods” star spotted a male actor pawing a girl on the set, he bellowed: “Keep your hands to yourself or you’ll find yourself out of a job!”

Said a source: “The guy backed off, but when Tom was out of sight he kept coming on strong with several females, chatting them up and getting all hands-on.

"When one girl snapped that she had a boyfriend and was NOT interested, the guy came on even stronger – putting his arms around her waist and trying to snuggle.

"Just as the girl yelled, ‘Back OFF,’ Selleck strode onto the set and warned the actor again.

Don Juan quickly made himself scarce, but Tom spotted him making moves on a female extra the next day, called over the director and barked, ‘Replace that guy – NOW!’

"A security guard approached the jerk, who was handed his paycheck and bum-rushed off the set!”

(You swooning yet, ladies?)