Photography by: Splash News Online


Under fire for sudden, shocking weight gain, LADY GAGA endured the horror of overhearing three young/mean/skinny girls exchanging vicious fatty cracks about her as she sat at Manhattan’s Joanne Trattoria, her dad’s joint, scarfing down a 14-inch pizza (yum!).

Gaga cringed as she chomped her final mouthful and heard one girl giggle: “I can’t believe she ate the WHOLE thing!”

Chimed another: “She’s a porker face!”

And then, amid a fresh fit of giggles, she began singing Gaga’s hit song, “Poker Face” – changing the lyric to “PORKER FACE!”

Gaga played it like a lady, got up to leave – and as she passed her tormentors’ table, shot them a cold glare and hissed: “Who are you people anyway…the PIZZA-RAZZI?!”

The girls went beet red, and Wannabe Warbler moaned: “Ohmigod, I can’t believe she heard us!”