James Franco

Oscar nominee JAMES FRANCO’s joyfully beating his hairy chest over his “Rise of the Planet of the Apes” hitting No. 1, but growled in rage when ABC network execs ruthlessly hopped his fame train to pump up their struggling soap opera “General Hospital” with what he called a bald-faced LIE – ballyhooing in the press that he’ll be back playing his serial killer character “long term” in September!

Said My Hospital Spy: “James went absolutely ape**** over ABC’s phony announcement! He immediately phoned network execs and read them the riot act for trading unfairly on his name to promote their ratings-challenged soap. He’s done about 44 episodes since 2009, but what pi**ed him off was that there’d been NO discussions about starring this fall in a major story line – especially since he’ll be busy filming his new ‘Wizard of Oz’ flick every day in Detroit!” Livid, Franco roared that apes will rule Earth before he does “GH” again.

Exec monkeys gibbered apologies, but all they heard from Alpha Male was …ROOOAAARRRRR! …until he finally relented and agreed to do future shows.