When LEONARDO DICAPRIO accidentally got clocked in the kisser by co-star JAMIE FOXX and suffered a bloody lip during a fight scene for new flick “Django Unchained,” he cursed angrily, but NOT at Jamie – whirling instead on director QUENTIN TARANTINO, bellowing, “You #&*%$#@*!!”

Reports My On-Set Spy: “Going into the scene, Leo was already feeling testy because he was wearing heavy-duty, vintage handcuffs that were chafing his wrists.

"When cameras rolled, Jamie – playing a bounty hunter – swung his hands up violently, hitting Leo’s wrists and slamming the cuffs into his mouth.

"Instantly, Leo started cursing out Quentin. He was furious because they’d had a fight earlier about how the fight scene should be filmed – but Leo lost, so they did it the director’s way.”

As blood dripped from Leo’s lip and crew members rushed in with wet cloths and ice, the star snarled at Tarantino: “I’ve done four MARTIN SCORSESE films without a scratch – and then I work with YOU!”

The scene was shot hours later, after ice packs and makeup artists made Leo screen-ready.