Fey & Poehler Get Flirty With Brolin -Then Face Fire-Breathing Streisand

My Fave Funnygals TINA FEY and AMY POEHLER – playing scheming sisters in their new film “The Nest,” costarring still-hunky-after-all-these-years JAMES BROLIN – got all skanky-pranky when he turned up to start the shoot, sending a photo of them posed prettily in lingerie to his hotel suite, along with a bottle of wine and a note that read: “Let’s get together and make this FUN!”

Said my on-set source: “Tina and Amy thought James would get a good laugh out of it – but then they got a scary call from him, saying that the old ball-andchain, his longtime wife BARBRA STREISAND, had seen their photo – but NOT the humor of it!

"James explained that Barbra thought the dynamic duo had some ’splainin’ to do – because she suspected they were hinting at hankypanky with HER hubby.

"But just as the horrified girls whined they’d send La Streisand flowers and an apology note, James revealed that…Ha, HAH!…the joke was on them – and Barbra herself got on the line, exploded in hysterical laughter and chortled, ‘Surprise, ladies! I knew you guys were playing us all along…so I pranked you!’” (Oh, hah, ha, ha, ha, ha…the waaay we werrrrre…!)