FERGIE’s salty DIET secret

FERGIE’s salty DIET secret thumbnail

 Black Eyed Peas cutie FERGIE ordered a humongous hot fudge sundae after lunching with a female pal at Chateau Marmont hotel, savoring every spoonful until her grrrlfriend sniped: “You’re not going to eat that whole thing, are you?

"There’ll be pregnancy rumors in all the papers when you leave here with a huge baby bulge from all that ice cream.”

Grimacing, Fergie groused: “You’re right!” – then screwed the top off a salt shaker and poured the contents all over her gooey goodie as her friend gasped.

Giggled Fergie: “I do it all the time.

"It’s the only way I can actually stop myself from finishing everything on my plate.”