“Sky Snoopers,” 
 KOO-KOO Kanye Plots 
Secret Weapon: 

Kanye WARNING: Do NOT giggle at a GOD! And suppress your urge to sneer that “KANYE WEST ain’t no Einstein” as I reveal my sizzling scoop du jour:

Convinced that high-tech drones will be launched to invade his new $20 million Hidden Hills estate and click forbidden pics of him, wife KIM KARDASHIAN and adorable baby NORTH WEST, self-proclaimed “genius” Kanye is secretly working undercover with scientists and security experts to invent a diabolical device designed to detect and deflect ALL skyborne intruders!

And before you chuckle that he’ll never pull it off, remember what he told a BBC interviewer: 
“… Everybody says, ‘Who does he think he is?’ I just told you who I thought I was. A god!” (Oh, YEEZUS!)

Said a close family source: “Kanye’s setting his sights on science by inventing a top secret ‘Drone Buster’ – all because he fears drones will hover 
over their massive backyard to snap pics of him, Kim and Kiddie!

"So he’s not only investing big dough on state-of-the art spy-cams and a top-notch security system, he’s working with surveillance specialists and scientists to invent a new top-secret contraption that’ll detect drones and shield his property. Kanye’s drone obsession’s got Kim rolling her eyes, but he’s now in overdrive.

"He’s determined to create an invention – sparing no expense – that will make it impossible for drones to invade his family’s privacy.” (Oh, my GOD!)