Fallon Forbidden To Cuddle New Baby – Unless…!

Fallon Forbidden To Cuddle New Baby – Unless…! thumbnail

“DON’T touch the baby!”

Those are the first words doting Daddy JIMMY FALLON hears when he arrives home after taping “The Tonight Show” – wife NANCY forbids family man Fallon from cuddling 8-month-old princess/ daughter Winnie until he thoroughly disinfects his hands!

Explained an insider: “Jimmy ends each show by running through the aisles and slapping fans’ germy hands – so new mom Nancy’s panicked that with the flu and cold season at its peak, Baby could get ill.

"It’s a real-life soap opera as Jimmy goes through the ritual of intensely scrubbing and rinsing in hot water – at a special sink in a spare bathroom equipped with bottles of antibacterial soap and sanitizer – before Nancy authorizes goo-goo-ga-ga time with Daddy!”