Cougar JENNIFER LOPEZ triggered a huge blowup when she told toyboy CASPER SMART he’s not very…er, smart!

Mistake No. 1: J.Lo asked Baby Beau – a dancer, for crying out loud! – for his “artistic” input on a script for a TV movie she’s producing for ABC Family.

Mistake No. 2: After Casper spent hours dissecting the script, J.Lo coldly tossed his meticulous notes aside without a glance.

Mistake No. 3: When Casper protested, J.Lo spent 45 minutes ruthlessly ripping his ideas to shreds.

Mistake No. 4: When Casper blew up and stormed out, J.Lo did NOT stop him!

Conclusion: After many hours of not hearing word one from crushed Casper, La Lopez freaked and began calling his cell nonstop!

When he finally answered, Senora Cougar purred like a kitty-cat, telling Toyboy she really DOES respect his opinion.

Instantly, Casper scampered back to La Casa, wagging his tail like a good little puppy