Does COUGAR SWIFT know what grade THIS kid’s in?

Does COUGAR SWIFT know what grade THIS kid’s in? thumbnail

 As CAROLINE KENNEDY and MARIA SHRIVER unite to thwart 22-year-old TAYLOR SWIFT’s ruthlessly swift seduction of barely-legal CONOR KENNEDY – who’s just starting his junior year in high school – a new fear’s keeping them awake at night: Secret elopement!

Despite being a high school boy, Conor’s officially legal at age 18 and can sign a marriage certificate. Said a family source: “The Kennedy women fear Taylor may seduce Conor into eloping – because she’s not just a ruthless social climber; she’s a rich superstar and can easily support him even if his family cuts him off from the Kennedy millions.

And Conor’s so totally swept away by Taylor, he can’t see straight.”

Meanwhile, Conor’s cousin PATRICK SCHWARZENEGGER, who’s just starting college, told pals: “My mom warned me to stay away from Taylor, and I’m sooo glad I did. Mom’s always right!”

(NOTE TO TAYLOR: Why the hell is loverboy a high school junior at age 18?? Should be a senior or college freshman, right? Maybe he’s just not very…swift?)