Detective Woody Got All The Poop — Literally!

Detective Woody Got All The Poop — Literally! thumbnail

On location in Louisiana before filming wrapped on HBO’s gritty “True Detective” series, star WOODY HARRELSON suddenly stopped the action when he was ambushed in a shocking fly-by attack!

During a scene with co-star MATTHEW MCCONAUGHEY, there was a sudden… SPLAT!…as a big ol’ bird flying above abruptly relieved itself smack on Woody’s noggin! Said an eyewitness: “Woody yelled, ‘What the f*** was that?’ Groping the top of his head, he felt a big, gooey mass and shouted, ‘Ewww! I think a bird just took a dump on my head!’ Hairstylists came running, toweled his scalp and reported Woody had been bombed by bird poop the size of a half-dollar! Matthew, hysterical with laughter along with everyone else, gasped to unamused Woody: ‘Hey, it coulda been worse – at least you’re wearing a toupee. It coulda hit your bald head and…YUCK!’”

Holding his nose as the crew roared, Woody stalked off with his hairstylist – and returned shortly sporting a clean, fresh-smelling rug!