Celebs can talk their way out of anything! Just ask JOHNNY DEPP, who strolled down to Sunset Blvd. from his Hollywood Hills compound just minutes away with fiancee AMBER HEARD and two bodyguards – then ignored crosswalks and raced across the street, dodging cars as he and his posse dashed for their destination, the Sunset Tower Hotel’s swanky Tower Bar, until… SCREECH!…a police car slammed on its brakes and a cop yelled: “Hold it right there!”

Reports an eyewitness: “The cop pulled out his ticket book and started writing up Johnny and his gang for jaywalking.

"He asked for everyone’s IDs – but when he looked at Johnny’s name and photo, he gave the star a double take. Said Johnny: ‘Yes, I’m Johnny Depp, the actor – and I’d really appreciate if you’d give us a pass this time around, officer. I promise that from now on, we’ll take the crosswalks!’ ”

His low-key humility and star power worked like magic; the cop issued Depp & Co. a stern warning – but NO ticket!