DEMI DAUGHTERS ‘friend’ MILA – trigger mom’s INSANE jealousy!

DEMI DAUGHTERS ‘friend’ MILA – trigger mom’s INSANE jealousy! thumbnail

WHOM THE GODS WOULD DESTROY, THEY FIRST MAKE MAD DEPT.: New knife in the heart for DEMI MOORE, courtesy of those daaarling daughters RUMER, TALLULAH and SCOUT, who’ve kicked Mom to the curb just like hunky stepdaddy-o ASHTON KUTCHER kicked Mom to the curb: Shockingly, distraught Demi’s just learned that her precious babes are suddenly all “let’s-be-BFFs” with Ashton’s va-va-voom-y new honey, “Ted” star MILA KUNIS!…“SHRIEEEK!”…Consumed by jealousy over Ashton’s serial-cheat betrayal, and trembling on the brink of a major meltdown after her girls’ highly publicized threat to avoid “whining” Mommy via a legal restraining order, “Demi hit the roof when she found out through friends that her girls are now BFFs with Mila, and support her relationship with Ashton one hundred percent,” reports a close pal of the embattled star. “It was bad enough when Demi learned Ashton was hot and heavy with Mila – his former ‘That ’70s Show’ co-star – but now that her girls have accepted Mila and happily socialize with her at Ashton’s bachelor pad, she feels left out and betrayed – all over again!” (Demi may be mulling that other classic quote: How sharper than a serpent’s tooth it is, to have a thankless child!)