David Spade Short On Retort As Googly Drunkette Sneers: “Midget!”

FREAKY FAN ENCOUNTER! As “Rules of Engagement” star DAVID SPADE got up to leave after dining at West Hollywood eatery Craig’s, a tipsy lass at the bar was overheard saying to her male date: “I can’t believe how short he is!”

Yanking out her cell, she Googled Spade, giggled, then shoved the phone in the star’s face as he passed by and howled, “What a joke! It says here you’re 5’7”…but you’re like a midget!”

Said an eyewitness: “David’s a quick-witted guy, but was so flabbergasted by the woman’s obnoxious attack he couldn’t even hit her with a comeback. He stood open-mouthed as the rude drunk’s date apologized profusely. Then, realizing the whole joint was now eyeballing the scene, he ducked his head and made a beeline for the exit.”