EE-HAAAA! Slap some roadkill on the barbie, Momma, Mikey’s got good news tonight!

Them folks at TLC are secretly cookin’ up even more “HONEY BOO BOO” family magic with a spinoff reality show featuring her 18-year-old sister, ANNA…the one what birthed that cute li’l baby with the three thumbs, y’all…and it’s called, “Here Comes Chickadee!”

Now, don’t break out the moonshine just yet, Sugar-Pie, ’cause it ain’t official – but here’s what My Redneck Spy told me, in that fancy way he talks: “Execs are waiting to see if ‘Here Comes Honey Boo Boo’ can sustain its high ratings before making it official – but they’re already plotting away, charting a midseason show about the rural teen mom and her tot.”


(Dang, he talks purty, don’t he?…Hey, this here’s some fine roadkill, Momma! Skunk?)