Photography by: Getty

Scary psycho-drama for “New Girl” beauty HANNAH SIMONE, who entered a vacant elevator in an LA office building and – just as the doors were closing – a wild-eyed wacko bolted inside and screamed: “You CANNOT marry Shivrang!” 

The shaken star later told my source: “Knowing the man was unbalanced, I tried to keep my cool. I knew he’d confused me with my character on the show, Cece, who’s supposed to get married to a character named Shivrang.

"So, I spoke to him as Cece and said, ‘Why is that? Do you want me to get back together with Schmidt, my old boyfriend?’

"That’s when it got even scarier, because the guy screamed, ‘NO! He’s not right for you either!’ ”

Keeping calm, Hannah/Cece just kept saying how sweet the guy was to look out for her – but when the doors finally opened, she bolted for the office she was visiting and alerted security.

Sadly, El Wacko got away clean!