You’d think MATTHEW PERRY would be in a happy mood after dining fancy at swanky Katana in West Hollywood, but as he stood waiting for the valet to bring his car a woman rushed up and gushed: “OH, I’m a HUGE ‘Friends’ fan!…I watch you on reruns all the time!”

Instantly, Perry whirled and snarled: “I don’t give a f*** about ‘Friends!’”


Then the star launched into a mad rant, raving that a REAL fan would be excited about his new NBC show, “Go On.”


The stunned woman and bystanders watched Matt’s meltdown, jaws agape, as the “Friends”-unfriendly ingrate snapped: “That show’s been off the air for over eight years – stop living in the past!”


Big Star then hopped into his Big Star Car and sped off.


(Some “Friend!”)